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Mont St-Hilaire is said to be the apple haven. Located on the south side of Montérégie's highest mountain, Les Vergers Petit & Fils is renowned for the exceptional quality of their ciders.

Determined to offer you a cider that meets your highest expectations, our master cider maker primarily chooses fruits picked from treetops and at the peak of ripeness for the production of St-Hil. Our apples are hand-picked only.

100% natural, Le St- Hil advocates the return of the "real taste". Our creations come only from the extraction of fruits without other flavors or concentrate. Cider is a drink less caloric. Gluten-free, it’s very refreshing and intensely fruity.

The Petit family: A passion for fruits passed down from father to son since 1896

Aliment Quebec Sans Gluten

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Add some atmosphere by serving our St-Hil in the traditional Asturian manner.

This tradition comes from the Asturias, a mountainous region of Spain where our cider master, Stéphane Petit, went to perfect his knowledge.

Cider is served by lifting the bottle high with one hand and splashing the cider below in a glass held with the other. Flavors are thus released and the cider will taste like it was shot out as a stream from a wooden barrel, just like in the old days.

Watch this short video that shows you how to replicate that ancient and spectacular tradition with style.

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